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Laugh out loud pictures – Wednesday funnies

Laugh out loud pictures – Well here it is, the first hump day of our brand new 2018. We hope that your weekend was a blast and that you managed to rest and recover before diving into yet another long and hectic year (evidently it’s not what we wish you but we’re just trying to be a tad realistic here). What does 2018 have in order for each and everyone of us? Go figure… this new and exciting journey has now officially begun, so why not prepare for the worst while hoping for the best… In the meantime, there’s no way that any of us can make it through yet another long-ass year without daily doses of quality chuckles, so without further ado the time has come to dig-into our first collection of funny pictures and memes of the year!

Wishing you a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Husband and wife with 9 children at the bus stop funny adult joke - Laugh out loud pictures

Crush has no interest in me funny meme

Can't stand those cocky 13 year olds funny tweet

Uber driver is here for you funny text message

The worst friendzone description funny comment - Laugh out loud pictures

I wonder if life smokes after it fucks me sarcastic humor

From your daughter and partner funny father's day card

Men bouncing their pecs funny gif

Do you have plans to sell or buy a home funny advertising

Trying to find out why she's mad at you funny meme

When my wife pisses me off funny tweet - Laugh out loud pictures

Picture of Bieber getting choked looks like a renaissance painting funny meme

How to break up with your boyfriend on the New Year funny text message

When he teases you in bed with a bird leaf funny fail

Psychic barber funny meme - Laugh out loud pictures

They call them leggings because funny fail

Windows detecting problems funny meme

When a body part falls asleep funny meme

Funny gross Ferrero Rocher acne - Laugh out loud pictures

Remember when you thought being an adult would be fun funny quote

White people when Mr Brightside starts playing funny meme

When you get an extra nugget in the box funny meme

Happy two thousand and A-team funny meme

Welcome to gamestop funny meme - Laugh out loud pictures

You can be allergic to exercise funny comment

Nye celebrations around the world funny inappropriate meme

I steal my married friends phones funny meme

Funny New Year highway meme - Laugh out loud pictures

How to be a better person in 2018 article suggestion humor

My dog looks like he gave up drinking funny meme

Funny calm down skin mask fail

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