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Hilarious Thursday – Friday eve’s collection of funnies

Hilarious Thursday – While Friday is known to be the most beloved day of the week, many of us also turn out to have a soft spot for his brother Thursday. Indeed, during this specific day, the number of f*cks given often seriously tends to decrease. Stupid people happen, but you’ll always be more willing to ignore them on Thursday as compared to Monday for instance, where it often takes from you every ounce of willpower in your body to stop yourself from committing the irreparable. Anyway, it’s chuckle time, so let’s get stuck in shall we….

Wishing you a pleasant and smile-packed PMSLweb moment!

National cabernet Sauvignon day – Hilarious Thursday at

Most beautiful curve on a woman funny at

What you think you look like humor at

Your mum’s toilet paper is on its way meme at

Funny underwear fact at

Internet explorer is your favorite browser funny at

American tourists demotivational – Hilarious Thursday at

Funny rednecks in Kentucky meme at

Peter Parker is Spiderman planet of the apes humor at

I just signed up to Facebook humor at

Best way to get rid of a telemarketer ecard at

NSA won’t give me the backups they have at

Funny Facebook it’s complicated – Hilarious Thursday at

The N word in vinegar meme at

I’m not saying you’re easy ecard at

Joining an adult Facebook page ecard at

That feeling when you’re one minute into sleep humor at

Tetris motion picture meme – Hilarious Thursday at

Buffering meme at

Unicorns in Noah’s ark cartoon at

The dark night rises meme at

I got through to a stupid person today at

Watching your alarm clock humor at

Funny Toy story fact – Hilarious Thursday at

Funny Febreze reality at

Freddy Kruegers nutsack meme at

Obama would tap your phone meme at

Fat and furious humor at

Funny Yolo cartoon at

Quentin Tarantino Cinderella – Hilarious Thursday at

Quentin tarantino Lion King at

Quentin Tarantino Mary Poppins at

Quentin Tarantino Bambi at

Quentin Tarantino the little Mermaid at

Quentin tarantino ‘s 101 Dalmatians – Hilarious Thursday at

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