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Saturday Madness – Funnies to set the weekend mood

Saturday Madness – We hope that so far the weekend has been treating you right, and that you’re making the most of it (if the plan revolves around procrastination, may it be top-notch). The time has come for us to submit to your appreciation our weekend selection of funnies, may the latter contribute in fulfilling your Saturday mood gauge.

Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment!

Dog realizes we’re at the vets – Saturday Madness at

He’s an epic douchebag ecard at

McDonalds grimace does exist at

What did you do to better humanity today at

When your friends make plans without you humor at

Funny MILF news title – Saturday Madness at

Cap’n Crunch fail at

When boys can cook humor at

If I put my ear to my girl’s tattoo funny comment at

Funny the thing meme at

Kanye West looks like a cross section of a penis at

I think I love Justin Bieber songs humor at

Strip club as a birthday present joke – Saturday Madness at

And then the fight started joke at

Meanwhile in a parallel universe at

If you are going to scream ecard at

How many homophobes does it take to change a lightbulb at

Who didn’t turn off their cellphone meme at

If Liam Neeson voiced Nemo’s dad meme – Saturday Madness at

Roses are red sarcastic poem at

Porn addiction iPhone humor at

Gamers will understand meme at

I heard your brother was in jail iPhone humor at

Shoot your enemies while twerking meme at

How to traumatize your children – Saturday Madness at

Grand theft auto online humor at

Grand theft auto online humor at

You should stop updating your status humor at

Greeks invented sex meme at

I won’t get jealous ecard at

Why are these people allowed to breath – Saturday Madness at

NSA humor at

Cat jump fail gif at

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