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Hump Day funniness – Crazy giggles ahead

Hump day funniness – For all those in need of a handful of wild midweek guffaws, search no more; the Hump day loony bin club welcomes you and we truly hope that you will enjoy your stay. A breaker of funny pics awaits you so time to get stuck in!

Wishing you an unhinged PMSLweb moment!

Butt drumming – Hump day funniness at

Guess what day it is at

Girls on Facebook logic at

She wants the D Geek humor at

Aspirin for your headache cartoon at

Malaysia Airlines pilot humor at

Smells like balls funny meme – Hump day funniness at

Twitter geography fail at

People love cookies more than God at

Preschool dinosaur humor at

Finding flight MH 370 humor at

Today I feel like a tampon – Hump day funniness at

Girls be like funny at

Tweety toe demotivational at

Morning wood the real deal at

Road is closed for erection at

The gay agenda fail – Hump day funniness at

Eye of Sauron humor at

Saad maan funny name at

Weird bone structure picture at

Did someone blink camera fail at

Nose picking gif – Hump day funniness at

Fresh Prince of Persia at

If you remember this you’re probably dead at

I bumped my head last night humor at

Funny advice column at

Assolle funny sign – Hump day funniness at

Crude extra strong coffee at

I blew 2 trannys this weekend Facebook humor at

Creation of Adam funny at

How I see Brock vs how Brock sees me at

Michael J Fox selfie at

How to pee with morning wood – Hump day funniness at

Lions in Mozambique humor at

Back to the kitchen humor at

How to ask for oral sex funny at

Adobe photoshop women edition at

Don’t smoke seriously humor at

F*ck you gravestone – Hump day funniness at

Swedish breakfast humor at

Woman listen funny captcha at

Awesome divorce letter at

Pole dance Mario at

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