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Hump day funniness – Midweek side splits

Hump day funniness – Welcome to our latest addition of Wednesday funnies. Once more, we hope to assist you during your giggle-o-meter refill, by submitting to your appreciation a collection of funny pics gathered left and right while surfing the terrible World Wide Web’s cyber space. The hardest part of the week is now officially behind you, so keep those smiles coming.

Wishing you a fun PMSLweb moment!

Funny how some girls think makeup works – Hump day funniness at

If only guys really did this humor at

Funny work cancellation switch at

Sun tan fail the stupid it burns at

Year book humor the S is silent at

Hairy arm looks like a cat meme – Hump day funniness at

Funny traffic signs real meanings at

Most populated places in the world humor at

Hot pocket cheezburger fail at

Funny avocado cartoon at

Bitches be like I’m single meme at

Funny faces of meth care bear version – Hump day funniness at

Funny BMW drive like an a**hole cartoon at

VLC media player humor at

Man executes  his computer in alley at

Arachnophobic  girlfriend prank at

Fallen sandwich humor at

If I could become invisible funny status – Hump day funniness at

Funny octopus penis fact at

When you see it funny at

Man bun hairstyle humor at

Only men will understand humor at

Lioness hunting humor at

Funny magic bouncers fail – Hump day funniness at

Funny destined for the job at

That’s a tortoise not a turtle funny fail at

Funny metal band comment at

Funny smartass on math test at

Jealous husband glued wife’s vagina fail at

Funny measuring cough syrup at

Funny Kanye West the worst game ever – Hump day funniness at

Funny police win on drug dealers at

Bear attractiveness graph at

Target sign accident humor at

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