Hump day funny pics – A dose of calcium for your funny bone

Hump day funny pics – Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s an honor for us to inform you that our latest edition of weekly Wednesday funnies is now available on your virtual racks, so why not give it a peep? We hope that our humble daily contribution will help you make the most of what is now known as the most “hated day of the week” – if you missed our previous edition, we discovered that against all odds, conducted studies had shown that Hump day had won it over Monday.

Wishing you a humorous PMSLweb moment!

Lego parental advisory – Hump day funny pics at

Saucepan what the hole was for at

3 little pigs funny cartoon at

How pigeons see us at

Lance Armstrong fail – Hump day funny pics at

The brain is amazing funny at

Love is blind snail humor at

The number of times I think STFU ecard at

Does vodka really kill bees at

How raisins are made  - Hump day funny pics at

If your phone doesn’t ring ecard at

I’ve got the moves like Jager funny at

Wine ice cream at

I love talking to you ecard at

Do you speak drunk – Hump day funny pics at

Ultimate forever alone at

The good old days funny at

Let me in I know someone inside condom at

Accidently type me instead of my at

Discrimination meme – Hump day funny pics at

Slide to unlock funny at

F.U cactus at

Putting up with your sh*it isn’t on my to do list ecard at

Aircraft security humor at

B*tch I don’t want your boyfriend – Hump day funny pics at

I love riding ducks at

Daft punk’s father meme at

Guitar pee at

Batman looking for Waldo at

They’ve never seen each other meme – Hump day funny pics at

Awesome taekwondo advert at

Funny cat box at

Funny injuries by fall at

Funny cat stockings at

Facebook like and luke – Hump day funny pics at

Breaking the illusion of your manliness meme at

Quit sending my boyfriend Farmville requests at

Money sprayground bag at

Yabba dabba doobie at

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