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Hump Day Shitz n Giggles – Your midweek funnies

Hump Day Shitz n Giggles – Welcome to a new installment of ” Oh look it’s Hump Day, let us find any possible excuse to prevaricate from our daily obligations and spice up the general mood a tad”. Mind you, we will be the last ones to judge you, right? One way or another we’re actually all in the same boat; so allow us to throw you a life buoy and come and dig into our latest edition of funny midweek pictures and memes!

Wishing you a jokey PMSLweb moment!

No one is more full of shit than a parent that just said maybe funny quote - Hump Day Shitz n Giggles

If you can't beat them join them funny sarcastic quote

This T-shirt sold at target offends me social media humor

Our store is the least of your problems funny Aldi tweet

My first vape humor

Funny newspaper obituary fail - Hump Day Shitz n Giggles

I thought it was the latest Windows update funny cartoon

What it looks like when I skip doing laundry for one week funny meme

Everyone is gluten free until the hurricane arrives funny meme

I have been blind to truth or dare possibilities funny comment

When you can finally take that monster shit that you've been holding funny meme

There's always that one person at work sarcastic meme - Hump Day Shitz n Giggles

Funny pimple earrings meme

When she is mad at you vs when you are mad at her funny meme

This carrot wants to be an astronaut funny meme

Cat in Charlie Sheen's bed funny gif

What the most dangerous game to play is humor

Thanks for wasting the milk hoe funny cow meme - Hump Day Shitz n Giggles

This could be us but she keeps farting funny adult meme

When you tell everyone the story of how you fell in love funny meme

When you meet a baby with a grown ups name funny tweet

What your fingerprints say about you sarcastic humor

Who wants to conceive a child during the eclipse social media humor

 I would love to insult you sarcastic humor - Hump Day Shitz n Giggles

What incorrect info did your sex ed teacher tell you humor

When someone opens the door to my room funny meme

When I'm a parent I won't take away my kid's electronics funny post

I hope McDonalds is praying for the milk shake machine to start back working funny meme

Funny dog keeps missing gif - Hump Day Shitz n Giggles

A blonde and a brunette walk passed a flower shop funny joke

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