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Jocular memes and pictures – Tuesday chuckles

Jocular memes and pictures – Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to PMSLweb’s latest edition of Jokey memes and funny pics. As the title probably may have let on, we have decided to worthily celebrated making it passed Monday by treating you to some of the finest nonsense currently available on our good old world wide web. If by any chance we have piqued your curiosity, why not just give the latter a shot?

Wishing you a an addictive PMSLweb moment!

Your post offended me funny meme - Jocular memes and pictures

This lady needs a better job title humor

Funny clown fish iPhone joke

Funny FU gif

Funny cigarette holder for gamers meme

Those who plant dates don't harvest dates sarcastic joke - Jocular memes and pictures

The car we used to draw in kindergarten does exist funny meme

When Master Splinter doesn't bring pizza funny meme

If Caitlyn Jenner was a game controller humor

How we really use razor blades humor - Jocular memes and pictures

Queen Elizabeth can move in any direction funny meme

Taking your bra off at the end of the day is the best feeling in the world humor

America has become one big Jerry Springer show funny meme

Floyd Mayweather comes out dressed as a gloryhole adult humor

When the bartender asks you if you are sure to want another drink funny meme

This is how women work funny meme - Jocular memes and pictures

Even sitting on a rock is a goal to bitches social media humor

Even in a disaster no one wants the vegan food humor

I wonder if I've ever bought milk from the same cow twice humor

I think I've found where the flooding is coming from funny meme

Funny definition of being offended - Jocular memes and pictures

My lips are so dry funny adult meme

Meanwhile in Saudi funny WFT news

When a vegan sends you nudes funny adult meme

Funny keep hating gif

Photo of me on an emotional roller coaster funny meme

The best airline in the world funny adult meme - Jocular memes and pictures

Odge you get the D later funny adult bumper sticker

When your man has a figet spinner and vapes in a romper funny meme

I don't understand why people need to get ready for bed funny quote

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