Hump day WTF – When 3 letters sum it up

Hump day WTF – Before considering going further , please be aware that the WTF is strong with this one. Indeed, today to celebrate Hump day, we’ve decided to take you for a walk on the wild side with a collection of nutcase pictures… sensitive souls refrain! Then again, if you made it so far, you could be tempted to give it a shot nonetheless….

Wishing you a sinful PMSLweb moment!

Drunk man falls down stairs – Hump day WTF at

Pregnant with a Furby meme at

How wine is made meme at

Mission impossible cigarettes at

Try using windex funny hipster edit at

Born without legs but with a good sense of humor at

When you wait for the shower water to warm up – Hump day WTF at

Breathe in the ocean funny hipster edit at

Funny fake photoshop error at

Pillow is a hairdresser humor at

Italian president beatboxing funny comment at

Anti bullshit device meme – Hump day WTF at

Beer for breakfast we have to go back meme at

Funny lego firework at

Come in for a bite Suarez humor at

Assassin’s creed office version at

Creation of Adam cat version – Hump day WTF at

I hope the porn channel is disabled joke at

25 things you’d love to say at work humor at

Funny Ikea crucifix cartoon at

Funny Pokemon friendzone at

January resolutions humor – Hump day WTF at

Mancave commandments humor at

Doritos in public versus at home humor at

Pessimist’s  mug at

F*ck you penguin book at

Why women love flowers meme – Hump day WTF at

Honest alcohol bottles humor at

Funny printer selfie at

Don’t feed the troll at

Funny hipster edit at

Glasses quote funny hipster edit at

If this part of the toilet is clean meme – Hump day WTF at

What Tetris taught me at

Word game mind blow at

Ask your doctor if mykoc is right for you at

funny & crude pokemon advertising

Funny Pokemon attack – Hump day WTF at