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Jocular Friday- Funnies to kickstart the weekend

Jocular Friday – Welcome to our latest TGIF funny pics release. As usual, we have decided to kick start the weekend festivities with a handful of nonsense. Indeed, the time has come for many of you to kick-off your shoes, let your hair hang down and enjoy the weekend’s frivolities. With that being said though, if you are of those who work on Saturday (and Sunday), there’s no reason why you should not also treat yourselves to a few well deserved chuckles, so let’s get stuck in.

Wishing you a delightful PMSLweb moment!

Eat the cookie grandma meme – Jocular Friday at

Funny pitbull animorph at

When boys make the first move humor at

Goat doesn’t give a f*ck meme at

Inside every kinder surprise is a dead minion humor at

Funny suicide adapter at

When you don’t trust your girlfriend at sea world humor at

Jesus and the magic mushroom book – Jocular Friday at

Animated Egyptian deal with it at

Cats are anti-Semitic funny comment at

Funny mating deer at

Funny fire a mortar there’s an app for that at

Blessing the servers meme at

Funny Khajit does not play these games at

Funny creating a briefcase in Windows – Jocular Friday at

Reserve your Windows 10 upgrade funny cartoon at

Yo mama’s so fat she downloads cheat codes for wii fit meme at

Funny Emory university fail at

Funny shalom is it me you’re looking for at

TGIF disco cats at

Woman discovers husband was her dad – Jocular Friday at

Funny children’s clothing section fail at

Funny asterix and Obelix at Mc Donalds at

Funny nazi connect four game at

Funny Jesus and Colonel sanders at

Funny Harry Potter dumb and Dumbledore book at

This meal is so unfinished Gordon Ramsay meme at

Continue or f*ck it – Jocular Friday at

Funny going out with friends how your girlfriend thinks it is at

Winter what my girlfriend thinks versus meme funny at

Funny melisandre and Putin at

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