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Saturday funnies – A collection of jokey pics

Saturday funnies – Did you know that Saturday was known to be the perfect day to hunt down vampires? Indeed, in the Vampire world, these blood sucking ghastly creatures are not authorized to leave their caskets on this specific day/night; so if ever you’ve been looking for the perfect occasion to try out your brand new set of stakes, why not go for it? If on the other hand, hunting down Dracula and his gang was not part of your plans today, you can always take a few to check out the following collection of funny pictures.

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Funny dog jump fail – Saturday funnies at

Is a drug dealer an exotic pharmacist at

You wanted to role play funny cartoon at

Funny hot sauces at

10 Years of constipation joke at

Funny coming out story – Saturday funnies at

Funny dude wipes animation at

Funny getting snacks at the store high af at

Kermit has a new girlfriend humor at

Funny when the time has come to watch your saved porn at

Lazy cat jump fail at

Funny when your girl hears you unlock your phone at

When she opens up to you humor – Saturday funnies at

Most unfortunate name ever at

When you invite him round for bible humor at

Early sexting funny cartoon at

Funny Putin, Merkel & Obama animated at

Funny broccoli fail – Saturday funnies at

How to get banned from the wax museum humor at

Funny hypocrite boyfriend at

Funny summertime in America at

Woman stabs boyfriend for not liking selfie fast enough at

Funny cat at the bar Oatmeal cartoon at

Barbie my first nude humor at

Funny pregnancy app – Saturday funnies at

Difference between men and women meme at

How to draw Mickey mouse humor at

Funny Donald Trump hamster at

Like and share if you’re dead humor at

Husbands don’t need to ask for directions joke at

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