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Jocular Monday nonsense – Funny pics to kickstart the week

Jocular Monday nonsense – It’s our pleasure to inform you that today, December 26th, is the very last Monday of the year, and at this rate we wish to congratulate whoever has survived all 52 of these bad boys! Indeed, 2016 aka “the Hitman” has probably made more than one sweat, and while we honestly would like to start somehow rejoicing, recent news has proved us once again that until the very last minute of the year we can expect this sick bastard to hit.

Now, on a far more cheerful note, why not celebrate our ultimate “favorite” day of the week with a handful of Monday guffaws? Sounds like a plan? Great, so just follow the guide…

Wishing you a brilliant new week and a kickass PMSLweb moment!

Sexy woman farts in the pool gif - Jocular Monday nonsense

Funny Sarcastic Santa meme

Funny fried squirrel recipe book

Me after stealing a flat screen out of best buy funny tweet

When the movie is actually interesting during Netflix and chill funny meme

The right image is all-important funny cartoon – Jocular Monday nonsense

Sarcastic Joint facebook account meme

When you remember that time he lied funny meme

You need to take a break from Pinterest funny cartoon

Thank God 2016 is almost over Emoji movie meme

Side quest cat funny meme

The great thing about having a dark soul funny quote – Jocular Monday nonsense

When you’re supposed to die but make it to another Christmas funny meme

Grandma owns the best T-shirt sarcastic humor

Shaving your pubic hair expectations vs reality adult humor

When someone suggests that I go with them to church funny meme

When you don’t have a white rug background funny tweet

When God invented cats funny meme – Jocular Monday nonsense

No matter what I say merry Christmas or happy holidays sarcastic humor

Funny BBC news reporter announcement

Getting dick pics is like a cat giving you a dead mouse adult humor

I hate when a girl suddenly falls through the ceiling gif

Who is ready to give a testicle up humor

When your Christmas bonus doesn’t quite live up to your expectations funny meme

Whenever I have a panic attack funny meme – Jocular Monday nonsense

When I want to catch an early night sleep funny evil Kermit meme

I’m not racist but funny Cyanide and Happiness cartoon

Husband and wife erectile dysfunction joke

F*ck off with that recorder funny fake book cover

George Michael 2016 is back with a vengeance

Lassie get help funny cartoon – Jocular Monday nonsense

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