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LMAO memes and pics – Your Thursday funnies are here

LMAO memes and pics – With 48h to go before many of you get to finally chill, chances are that your spirits are progressively rising but that maintaining your focus on your daily tasks may be becoming slightly problematic. Sure, we could write a few motivational lines in order to try and convince you to make a little effort, but why bother? Honestly, if your mind feels the urge to wander, just let the poor bugger do so, and given that our sole purpose in life is to provide procrastination material to the latter, may we interest you to our latest edition of funny memes and pics? Evidently, just so we’re clear, we cannot be held responsible if ever you were currently supposed to be slaving and get caught…

Wishing you a laid-back PMSLweb moment!

My girlfriend's hairclip scared the shit out of me funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

When she asked me where I learned that funny adult meme

When you skip doing laundry for 2 or 3 days funny meme

You're so funny vagina funny meme

Did this duck have a very long phone conversation funny meme

She got them summer teeth funny meme

Funny free cake prank - LMAO memes and pics

Is this a Halloween decoration or the picture of a house in Australia funny comment

Still a better idea than arguing with a woman funny meme

When I post shit before answering texts funny meme

My air freshener is pretty but smells like ass funny meme

Mother Theresa & Lady Di vs R2D2 and C3PO humor

Funny pirate joke - LMAO memes and pics

When your boss asks for proof that you're in hospital funny meme

Walmart cashier caught scratching his ass funny meme

Not what I ordered funny penis pants meme

Funny 250 million year old salt fail - LMAO memes and pics

Accidentally searched how to knit a butthole funny meme

Ikea founder passed away funny cartoon

When you are stealing a tattoo funny fail

Why does the flashlight app need to update funny meme

Don't tell me how to wear my hat funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

Comment WTF when you see it funny meme

Funny IKEA coffin manual

Bird appears on weather webcam funny gif - LMAO memes and pics

How I learned how to swim funny meme

How do you like your steak funny meme

Sad day on Sesame street funny meme

This woman got offended when I asked if I could pet her son funny tweet

Web Dr at its finest funny meme - LMAO memes and pics

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