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Funny sarcastic nonsense – Premium Monday ammo

Funny sarcastic nonsense – As usual we hope that the weekend treated you right, and that you managed to escape your (at least partially) whatever stress you may have accumulated during the week. Sadly enough though, the weekend always tends to pass by at the speed of light and before you realize it… BAM, it’s Monday again! Have no fear though, once more we have your back and have gathered some kick-ass “Twat be Gone” ammo you definitely should check out if you’re a fan of sarcastic memes & pictures.

Wishing you a brilliant new week ahead and a wicked PMSLweb moment!

Funny sarcastic nonsense

Funny go fuck yourself gif

Peace be upon you fuckface sarcastic humor

How to answer a dumb comment sarcastic humor

Thanks for sharing Janet sarcastic meme

Stupid people the ultimate headache sarcastic meme

I don't have an attitude problem sarcastic quote - Funny sarcastic nonsense

I'm on a IDGAF diet funny sarcastic quote

The night we buried our last fuck funny sarcastic book cover

When you're not wearing makeup and people ask you if you're sick sarcastic quote

Social media has enabled the dumb to talk sarcastic humor

Does eating tide pods take out skid marks sarcastic humor

Grow some balls funny sarcastic gadget - Funny sarcastic nonsense

When your ex calls you stupid sarcastic humor

It must be your first day on the Internet funny sarcastic comment

Sometimes you have to feed people bullshit sarcastic meme

It's not appropriate to tell an adult " You got so big" sarcastic humor

Almond milk is for baby almonds funny sarcastic comment

I'm not anti social sarcastic quote - Funny sarcastic nonsense

When someone comments by writing a novel sarcastic meme

I'm gonna roll right past this bullshit sarcastic meme

Many people don't know this funny sarcastic quote

I love watching crazy girls marking their territory on social media funny sarcastic quote

Let's stop using the term butthurt funny sarcastic comments

I don't agree with that post funny sarcastic meme - Funny sarcastic nonsense

As fuck is my favorite unit of measurement sarcastic humor

If a woman says do what you want funny sarcastic quote

Don't ask me stupid shit funny sarcastic quote

We need to hangout more often funny sarcastic meme

When he gives you the famous babe let me explain sarcastic meme

I'm empty don't touch me sarcastic meme - Funny sarcastic nonsense

I tried to remember how to do the macarena funny sarcastic gif

Let me tell you about my favorite Internet trend sarcastic humor

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