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LMAO pictures – Kick starting a smile packed week

LMAO pictures – Were you aware that one worker out of two will end up being late for work today Monday, and that in average each person will turn out to be productive for about 3.50h? No joke, the internet says so… and who are we to question what the world leading source of knowledge is kind enough to bring to our attention. Anyway, it’s time to get stuck into some Monday funnies.

Wishing you a diverting PMSLweb moment!

Magnets funny book – LMAO pictures at

Leprechauns demotivational at

Why aren’t you working ecard at

Funny dora crossing the border at

Funny reblog if you love pancakes at

Jesus has been working out – LMAO pictures at

6-pack photo fail at

Drink a bear at

Forever alone pigeon at

Funny meme ancestor at

Argument with your girlfriend humor – LMAO pictures at

Horror movie cat humor at

Youtube is racist humor at

Do you like Mexicans funny comment at

Jump fail at

Funny child support book humor at

When I wear a tight shirt humor – LMAO pictures at

Funny cat cartoon at

When a stranger likes my facebook comment at

When your crush says hi to you at

Selfie fail – LMAO pictures at

Free as a beard at

Real interpretation of okay at

How mum wakes me up humor at

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Cat hair on everything meme at

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Funny couple in bathtub rage comic at

Forever alone pillow at

Funny badass at

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Learn Chinese in 5 min – LMAO pictures at

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