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LMAO pictures – Your Monday remedy

LMAO pictures – Nobody is ever really prepared for the first Monday of the year (just writing that sends a chill down my spine). So if your mind needs a little evasion in order to maintain a certain level of sanity, why not check out our latest edition of Monday funnies, you probably won’t regret doing so!

Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead and a fun-packed PMSLweb moment!

Dear Yahoo humor – LMAO pictures

Squirrel has been cheated on

Employees must wash hands funny sign

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We are not hiring right now meme

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When a woman decides where she finally wants to go for dinner

A woman’s memory funny meme

Girlfriend versus cat meme

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Funny durex advert

Funny pool rules meme

Funny light saber cartoon

Hilarious sausage advertising fail

Funny anal beads haircut

A dogs sense of smell meme

Fried crap translation fail – LMAO pictures

Funny plumber advertising

Funny graduation card

Look at my balls monkey meme

When you see a mosquito at Magic Johnson’s BBQ humor

Funny sign guide

Australia doesn’t sugar coat it humor – LMAO pictures

Sobriety is the scariest drug humor

Pray for the ugly baby humor

Job interview meme

U.S researchers news title fail

Funny police comments

Having the famous social media talk with the kids humor

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