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Crazy Sunday – Ending the festivities with a few giggles

Crazy Sunday – Given that tomorrow we will have to survive the roughest Monday of the year, the very first one (aka number 1 on 52); we thought that you could be up for a little lighthearted nonsense before officially kick starting a new business year. Please allow us to submit to your appreciation, our very first edition of Sunday funnies for 2016.

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

The man on page 602 humor – Crazy Sunday

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Funny manscaper kit

Funny Spiderman speech bubble fail

Funny Bill Cosby with snow white

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Funny New Year resolutions ecard

Funny spelling and grammar new year resolutions ecard

Please don’t eat me baby humor

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Funny storm trooper alarm clock meme – Crazy Sunday

If you don’t have anything nice to say sarcastic ecard

Brushing your teeth while listening to metal humor

Funny calculation game

Censorship humor

You’re not fat you’re just easy to see

Ted 3 humor

Year end recap sarcastic ecard – Crazy Sunday

Why this elephant had 5 legs humor

Clint Eastwood can’t believe how stupid you are gif

When you forget to bring your phone to the toilet meme

Say African American humor

Funny Nintendo wii sit

Funny pregnancy Q and A

Naughty Barney dinosaur humor – Crazy Sunday

May 2016 be the year you respond to my text ecard

In the shower together expectations versus reality humor

Baby gives you the finger

Why you should not walk behind the elephant meme

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