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LOL images – A nonsense tainted collection

LOL images – Buckle up, little Timmy as Monday is on its way… More seriously, we hope that you had an astonishing and crazy weekend, and have fully tanked up on positive vibes in order to face the upcoming new week. In the meantime, why not treat yourself to a handful of funnies?

Wishing you a chillax PMSLweb moment!

Starbucks on Mars

I hate that moment when you’re tired at

Wheelchair foundation humor at

Good times ecard at

Mommy needs to go to detox – LOL images at

When the trash goes out more than you ecard at

Neanderthal has talent funny cartoon at

TV can influence more than you can realize at

You play the victim so well at

Marriage is hard meme – LOL images at

Houston we have a problem at

I like to call myself an introvert ecard at

I’m calling in sick today ecard at

You’re hard on your kids ecard at

If Jesus had died in an electric chair – LOL images at

Suppository prescription fail at

There is no in between ecard at

Telepathic rape humor at

Twitter religion fail at

Spock subway salute  - LOL images at

How to deal with sharks humor at

Women on internet versus men on internet at

Insert disk 2 demotivational at

Female IT experts at

I was buying flowers for a girl humor at

Half empty humor at

I want to play a game mac humor – LOL images at

Anteater evolution funny at

Video ads humor at

Man jailed for having sex with a goat at

Funny Nelson Mandela memorial at

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