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LOL memes and pics – Lighthearted weekend chuckles

LOL memes and pics – Sadly enough, the most boring and depressing day of the week is finally here. Don’t get us wrong here, we truly would like to give Sunday more credit and be more enthusiastic about the poor bugger’s weekly arrival (I mean, he actually is a very nice dude when you come to think of it), but his very close ties to Monday will ultimately always cloud our judgement…

Evidently, we know that some of you always tend to make the best of the latter, dedicating this spare time to hobbies such as gardening, crafting, cooking, DIY, sports, gaming etc… but others will just – once more – give into the “Do nothing” concept. If you are of those, surfing the Internet will probably turn out to be a “it goes without saying” plan, and if a few chuckles are just what you have in mind just right now, our latest dominical collection of funny lighthearted memes and pictures should seriously be considered…

In all cases, wishing you a chillax Sunday and an amusing PMSLweb moment!

Flying bug jumping at you funny gif - LOL memes and Pics

Never have to share your cookies again funny meme

Women versus men using a towel funny meme

This is how your wife waits for you when you come home late funny meme

My dad died when we couldn't remember his blood type funny tweet

After you defeat all the other landscapers and must face the final boss funny meme

Every time I eat fruits or vegetables funny meme - LOL memes and pics

Spammers aren't even trying any more humor

What most of the single girls are like funny meme

This pit into the abyss is wheelchair accessible funny Tumblr comment

Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Game of Thrones funny meme

Who did the government buy the earth from funny meme - LOL memes and pics

You all have to stop with the filters funny meme

Meet Princess Qajar funny fact

Open slowly for dramatic effect pizza humor

What sexual education classes should be funny quote

You know shit gonna get real when spongebob needs to evacuate funny meme

Funny glory hole doughnuts sign - LOL memes and pics

Funny useful toilet paper information

When you ask how was your day funny meme

Funny Love Boat Blacula

I prefer when a girl cheats on you during the first 3 months funny post

Ants are lowkey savage funny gif

 Funny Kim Jong Un jump rocket - LOL memes and pics

When someone is making plans you have no intention on going to funny meme

Looks like I'm not going home funny meme

When you finally open your fucking restaurant funny meme

I go to the movies to watch IT and I see this guy humor

This chicken is a fucking cunt funny sarcastic meme - LOL memes and pics

When you need to overtake someone on foot funny quote

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