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Sunday Shitz n Giggles – A weekend edition of funny pictures

Sunday Shitz n Giggles – We hope that the weekend has been treating you right so far and that you’ve managed to successfully overcome any stress accumulated during the past week. Sadly enough though, tomorrow most of us will have no choice but to face the harsh reality with the infamous Monday acting as the perfect master of ceremony as we will make our way down the annoying new week’s red carpet. In need for a last little humorous fix in order to make the most of your remaining hours of freedom? Search no more, and check out our latest collection of jokey memes and pictures.

Wishing you a gorgeous Sunday and an amusing PMSLweb moment!

Let me process this shit funny sarcastic meme - Sunday Shitz n giggles

Funny catception meme

When it's your turn to order but you haven't rehearsed 5 times funny meme

When you watch a movie with subtitles on funny gif

When you face the final boss of tech support funny meme

How girls take bikini pics funny meme - Sunday Shitz n Giggles

Metal explained with beasts humor

Is it rude to look at someone and start singing if I had a brain funny meme

This cat had one fuck to give and it's gone humor

How was your summer vacation funny meme - Sunday Shitz n Giggles

What making it through Monday feels like funny gif

When you thought you could rub one out before getting frozen in carbonite adult meme

When someone tells me to calm down after they piss me off funny sarcastic meme

When you hopped in the shower too quick and forgot to take a shit funny meme

Guy is rich if he pays for Winrar funny meme

Every horse movie in a nutshell humor - Sunday Shitz n Giggles

When the magic gay shield protects you funny meme

Just because you have a beard doesn't mean you're a man funny adult quote

Let's get your legs working funny text message fail

Why do people shake their packs of cigarettes before opening them funny comment

Is this stool taken funny fly cartoon

Five gold for an arcane hand job funny book cover - Sunday Shitz n Giggles

Never miss an occasion to shut up sarcastic humor

Chess is prohibited in Islam funny Facebook comment

When you find the perfect squash at the farmer's market funny adult meme

What are you funny sarcastic quiz - Sunday Shitz n Giggles

You're offended nobody gives a shit sarcastic meme

Jesus drinking Corona humor

Good thing Trump won't let Jose in the US funny comment

I can't sleep funny text message

When your hoe of a friend calls you crying funny gif - Sunday Shitz n Giggles

Giving likes to be people in need funny sad reality cartoon

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