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LOL pictures – The crazier the better

LOL pictures – The weekend is always the perfect occasion to unleash those stranded emotions that you tend to bottle-up all week long. Bearing that in mind, today’s collection of funnies should allow you to treat your inner demons to some well deserved quality time, so kick-off your shoes and enjoy.

Wishing you a side-splitting PMSLweb moment!

Funny minced meat hair – LOL pictures at

Art is supposed to hypnotize you humor at

Toast is the adult form in the life cycle of bread at

Funny Gillette razor Facebook conversation at

Funny zombie pick up line at

You say tomayto I say tomato humor at

Funny cereal comment – LOL pictures at

Religion on Facebook humor at

If you see someone crying funny quote at

Funny charter bus meme at

Me at the beach this summer meme at

Funny Police statement fail – LOL pictures at

Funny world’s first wifi at

My living reminder of poor decisions meme at

Funny deadline at

Funny Internet explorer doormat at

Funny football injury truth at

Had so much at dinner funny meme at

Me trying to fix my attitude humor - LOL pictures at

The fox has the right to remain silent humor at

Funny cactus sofa at

Funny anal street tweet at

Friends forever humor at

Janitor is testing a theory meme – LOL pictures at

Funny FU coloring book at

Funny badass cat animated at

Stop sniffing my ass cat meme at

Suck my balls cat humor at

Priceless scumbag cat meme at

Funny pope meme – LOL pictures at

Funny is it meant to be chart at

Raise awareness on stupidity humor at

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