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Medical humor – Tribute to the crazy medical world

Medical humor – Today we invite you to a backstage journey into the medical universe with this a dedicated funny picture collection. A big cyber-wink to all the health professionals, actors of a vital but hardcore universe who get to see and deal with many things which would seem unbearable for most of us let’s face it. Nonetheless, whether you decided to make a living out of medicine on one hand or belong to the “client” pool on the other, stereotypes die hard, and what follows should ring a bell to a certain extent.

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Went to hospital meme – Medical humor at

Pacman x-ray at

Asthma cigarettes at

Redneck medical terms at

Laughter pill – Medical humor at

Use science to tell when someone is lying at

Foot with double toe at

Injuries how bad it looks versus pain at

Dating a doctor funny at

Cigarette brickblaster – Medical humor at

Caught herpes listening to ke$ha at

Constipated since her marriage at

Web MD pimple means cancer at

You just got your patient to sleep meme at

Hospitals the only place where the word positive at

Goldfish and drip bag – Medical humor at

The rectum bar at

Hospital sound proof curtains at

So your chest pain started 4 days ago meme at

Funny CPR instructions at

Scumbag doctor meme at

Intelligence injection –Medical humor at

Tapeworms diet advert at

Should you eat that funny  at

Safety first meme at

You need a shot of penis cillin ecard at

If I wanted your opinion I’d remove the tube at

Muscle pain web MD meme – Medical humor at

Master the snap of the latex glove cartoon at

My doctor should really quit his job meme at

Incontinence hotline funny at

Funny retro advert living with a wife with nerves at

Viral home videos cartoon – Medical humor at

Funny doctor appointment meme at

That awkward moment – Medical humor at

Medical bill meme at

Funny surgery cartoon at

Scumbag hospital at

Funny web MD chart at

Funny web MD flow chart – Medical humor at

Hi ho hi ho nurse funny at


Anti facebook pills at

Tri anal pills at

Fuckitol pills at

Smallcox pills – Medical humor at

Damitol pills at

Wife savers pills at

Imbicillin pills at

Knowitall pills at

Madvil pills at

Yes dear pills at

And finally, some useful info

Fart chart – Medical humor at

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