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Monday funny pictures – Internet at its finest

Monday funny pictures – Given that unwinding after the weekend while kick-starting a new week isn’t always such an obvious thing to do, please allow to try and ease this cruel transition with a handful of quality chuckles. Humor often turns out to be a well-proven remedy in times like this, so why not give it a shot?

Wishing you a delightful new week and a glorious PMSLweb moment!

Cell phones kills humor – Monday funny pictures at

Funny when I fap to western porn at

You raise a valid point ice cream funny at

Funny teacher comment about exam at

We got a savior over here meme at

Funny burn on facebook – Monday funny pictures at

Funny haircut to fight Majin Buu at

Your opinion in the recycle bin humor at

Funny winrar best birthday ever at

Translating bad grammar on facebook humor at

Vegans versus the universe humor at

My girlfriend treats me like god meme – Monday funny pictures at

Landing a probe on a comet versus a bank transfer at

When I have to register to view a website humor at

Funny hinting your boyfriend versus girlfriend on Google at

Funny J-zay hairline quote at

How to clean your room when you’re lazy humor at

The kids are driving me crazy joke – Monday funny pictures at

Funny kid art fail at

Funny fishing for compliments fail at

Funny just muslim things at

Teenage mutant nigga turtles meme at

Funny crushed tomatoes – Monday funny pictures at

Vintage video game lock for Nintendo at

Funny number of people who give a f*ck at

The world isn’t ready for this detergent humor at

Daddy left with his family stick figure humor at

Girls pretending to do things on the internet humor at

Funny stereotypes die hard – Monday funny pictures at

You must choose wisely download humor at

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