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Monday LOLZ – Funny pics and memes

Monday LOLZ – By now many of you will have (probably reluctantly) kick-started a new week of hard work and may be facing bouts of Attention Deficit Disorder. Indeed, staying focused after letting your mind run loose for a few days isn’t always an obvious thing to do. A piece of advice? Instead of trying to tame your wayward mind, why not cut the cheeky bugger some slack and allow him a few recreational moments whenever possible; Rome didn’t fall in a day after all… Ready to give our theory a shot? Great, why not start with a little stroll through our daily selection of Monday nonsense?

Wishing you a fantastic new week ahead and a diverting PMSLweb moment!

When your girlfriend wakes you up to watch her run humor - Monday LOLZ

Starfish between the scenes funny meme

Pineapple and pizza are having an affair funny cartoon

FAP football team funny meme

Painting Bruce Lee like a boss gif

You have a dirty mind turn it around meme - Monday LOLZ

My parents aren't home funny long distance relationship meme

Gorilla does not believe in the theory of evolution sarcastic humor

Michelin man legs look alike funny meme

Cat fight club funny meme - Monday LOLZ

Theresa May appoints Arsene Wenger for Brexit funny tweet

Cows are friends not food funny comment

What it's like to live in a house full of boys humor

Little Johnny and grandpa naughty joke

If I were a cat funny meme - Monday LOLZ

Teletubby religion funny text message

Funny Chardonnay recommendations

KKK hypocrisy funny cartoon

Scumbag shopping trolley funny meme

I adulted funny grown-up stickers

Funny predator 3D cat

 When Facebook couples break up humor - Monday LOLZ

If you fuck like you park humor

The gender neutral term for sugar daddy funny quote

When you French Kiss her for the first time funny cat gif

Go fuck yourself colouring book sarcastic humor

Naughty elderly couple joke - Monday LOLZ

Next time that someone tells you that Jesus died for your sins humor

Head up your ass parking lot sarcastic humor

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