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Side splitting Monday – Let the nonsense begin

Side splitting Monday – With the new week comes great balderdash, and in order to help you kickstart “survival” mode we’ve decided to put together a brand new humorous Monday gallery. While we are aware that it’s probably with a fairly heavy heart that you lay the first stone of your weekly duties this morning (or arvo), please engage in whatever it takes in order to discourage any gloom from settling in. Ready for a few chuckles? Perfect, then just follow the guide….

Wishing you a brilliant new week ahead and an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

May your Monday be sarcastic humor  - Side splitting Monday

You are what you eat bear versus woman humor

Deep concern intensifies funny gif

Is your cat hanging out with the wrong crowd funny meme

Mars doesn't want to meet your stupid ass funny meme

Funny Aldi supermarket competition fail - Side splitting Monday

Stoneage woman's day funny cartoon

I love you all except you sarcastic humor

Funny selfie logic

Mum and daughter versus dad and son joke

Every hour is happy hour if you don't have a job funny meme

Your legs when you are single again funny meme - Side splitting Monday

Work until your bank account looks like a phone number humor

Funny dancing cat gif

That took an unexpected turn funny comment

Don't elect a joke funny tweet - Side splitting Monday

Share if you survived these too funny meme

Little Johnny asks his teacher a question funny joke

Funny avocado weather warning

When you find the correct answer on Jeopardy funny meme

Imagine being deaf and finding out farts make noises humor

Donkey's leg and human elbow funny meme - Side splitting Monday

Give me a reason not to end it all now tic tac humor

Funny Mike Pence and Barron Trump meme

My mum farted at a frat party once funny status

Good reasons to wear glasses humor

If ever you can't remember my name funny quote - Side splitting Monday

Flip flop season is almost here funny meme

CIA on Facebook humor

Moving the clocks forward funny quote

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