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Nutcase Monday – A new week compilation of funny pics

Nutcase Monday – It’s an honor for us to welcome you on our virtual grounds for this brand new edition of Monday funniness (the 23rd of the year so far). Any given occasion to brighten up the mood should always be considered on a Monday, so if you have a few minutes to spare search no more and come and check-out our daily delivery of nonsense!

Wishing you a delightful new week ahead and Ramadan Mubarak to all our Muslim friends worldwide.

The PMSLweb team.

Today is Monday sarcastic quote – Nutcase Monday

Why you never take the top bag meme

It’s beginning to look like f*ck this quote

American children are wrongly accused of having potential funny quote

Please stop petting me funny book cover

Vegan cat food funny meme – Nutcase Monday

Funny prom 2016 photo

That ugly couple who swear you are jealous of them meme

If Jaws was made in 2016 funny meme

Stuck in the porto potty humor

Funny rest in peace boiled water pun

How gentlemen died out funny cartoon – Nutcase Monday

Kid helping with computer problem joke

Funny Asian salesperson word recommendation list

When your cat wants to puke funny cartoon

Paint a cock humor

Funny I don’t see the resemblance

Funny toilet paper fail – Nutcase Monday

Today was a one star shit parade sarcastic humor

Funny Twerking nose gif

Parallelogram humor

When you mumbled something under your breath humor

Funny fish click bait cartoon

Funny dirty joke- Nutcase Monday

Put your finger in your ear and scratch humor

Think twice before you give a f*ck sarcastic quote

Waldo is high humor

When your mom forgets to ask for the change back humor

When you hear your mom talking shit about you humor

Riding away from your bullshit funny text

My bed is a magical place funny quote – Nutcase Monday

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