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Crazy Monday humor – The best way to start the week

Pigeon realizes he should stay clear from McDonald's parking lot meme

Crazy Monday humor – Welcome to a new and exciting contemporary week of Internet at its best. Once more, funny nonsense seems to be everywhere and evidently we’re delighted to be able to share with you our latest findings. In the mood for a handful of chuckles? Buckle up then and let’s get started! Wishing you a brilliant new week ... Read More »

Monday YLYL pictures – A new week delivery of moonshine

Flamingos are monogamous humor – Monday YLYL pictures

Monday YLYL pictures – Once upon a time Monday knocked on your door and you had no choice but to deal with it! Monday, aka the Jehovah’s Witness of the week, never seems to give up nor take no as an answer. Have you ever noticed that every very time you’ve finally comfortably settled into the weekend the latter turns ... Read More »

Monday nonsense – Funny pics to start the new week

Getting shampoo in your eye funny quote – Monday nonsense

Monday nonsense – Only days after the attacks in Brussels, this weekend also turned out to be the theatre to atrocities perpetrated in the name of human stupidity. Our hearts and thoughts go out to the Pakistanis people who suffered one of the most horrendous and vicious attacks one can witness, when children were targeted. Seriously, this bulls*it needs to ... Read More »

Monday mischief – A new week collection of chuckles

Funny creation of Adam parody at

Monday mischief – Would you believe it, Monday the most feared day of the week is already back with its machiavellian grin. If you feel that the evil bastard is already plotting against you, wait no longer and take action as of now. The latter feeds off your tears and anxiety, while on the other hand sees its effects be ... Read More »

Monday madness – The reinforcements are on their way

How hard is it to put the toilet seat down meme at

Monday madness – Not that it really needs to be pointed out, but Monday is here, and firmly decided to settle in. Now, as scary as this reality appears to be, we have faith in you, and know from experience that you can pull it though. In order to help you do so, evidently once more, we’ve put together a ... Read More »

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