Time for some funnies – Oh check it out itís Monday again

Time for some funnies – Okay so you have been diagnosed with an acute case of ďThe MondayzĒ ? Itís all right, donít freak out, when caught in time the odds as far as complete remission is concerned are of 9/10, and by making it to here it only shows your will to get through this bad fad ASAP. The best known prescription to this day is a massive dose of smiles, so please feel free to pick up the latter at the PMSLweb counter!

Wishing you a glorious new week and a curative PMSLweb moment!

My mouth tastes like I made some bad decisions last night
Facebook photos you never get the whole story
How do blind people know when theyíre done wiping
Iím speeding because I have to poop
Winged spider funny
Soda in car fail
Why donít you go outside and play ecard
Tommy the steam engine on meth
Obama funny
Tiger tug o war
they say marijuana is a gateway drug meme
two women talking versus two men talking funny
after carefully reviewing your history funny
that awkward moment when youíre sitting right next to your crush
when I think about you funny
1 hour before dental appointment
when someone is standing in front of the item you need quote
Politicians before and after elections
sorry I think your drama is largely self created
Huntsman spider funny
I had a frog in my throat
why women cry funny
please go away grandma queen funny
baby with mustache funny
spice girl meme
If I have 10 chocolate cakes ecard funny
look at my butthole cat meme
I think my husband masturbates funny
go swimming they said
why English is hard to learn
donít worry bro dogs funny
how did you hear about YMCA
top secret text message funny
Iím sorry to bother you squirrel funny
life holds many challenges ecard
dude come in the waters chill
MTV video music awards Jabbaís palace
Iím human I catch fish with sticks funny
first speeding ticket
it hurts my feelings that you never lick me back
a whole new level of a**hole parking
clear smartphone funny
coffee makes me poop
back in my day myspace ecard
iPhone wrong number
iPhone wrong number funny
dad iPhone fail
a haiku about getting out of bed ecard
where to find love wheel of fortune funny
confirm file delete meme
google facts meme funny
memorize this spider demotivational
when you see it

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