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Saturday humor – Our weekend supply of funny pics

Saturday humor – On your marks, get set…. Procrastinate. Indeed the awaited weekend is finally here, and for those of you who have decided that the best and most attractive plan of all would be to stay home and get the less possibly done, please allow us to modestly contribute to your cause. Looking for a place to waste a few minutes? Search no more, and let yourself be tempted by our daily selection of LOL pictures.

Wishing you a smirk-riddled PMSLweb moment!

Good sleep Chihuahua humor – Saturday humour

Funny how many mice does it take to screw in a lightbulb

Funny angle tattoo photoshop request

Co workers have too much time on their hands humor

Management trainee class funny cartoon

Funny Trump dog

When your mum cuts your hair funny meme – Saturday humour

You may kiss it funny meme

Average Caucasian shark meme

Funny cactus airbag fail

Funny modern Romeo and Juliet literature fail

Funny angry dad cat

You just received a visit from the FU fairy humor

People who hate the sound of their own voice funny graph – Saturday humour

New arrivals in heaven funny cartoon

Why did the mouse die meme

I’m a hemorrhoid meme

Flintstone humor in Abu Dhabi joke

Funny audio cassette what is this technology

Fist me now funny captcha fail

Funny state of Vermont maple syrup sign

Walmart fashion meme

The feeling you get after you have a run humor

Funny Law and order fisting unit

Funny Beyonce who wore it better

Challenge accepted bicycle meme – Saturday humor

Funny credit card name generator game

What the bloody hell is a penguin humor

I love Daft Punk CP3O humor

Should I send her a picture of my penis funny fail

Funny typing on your own keyboard versus on someone else’s

The light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off funny quote – Saturday humor

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