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LOL pictures – Our Saturday selection of funnies

LOL pictures – For those who have decided to dedicate their Saturday to a wild session of internet surfing (one of the most popular “extreme” sports out there, as you know), we’ve heard of a few crazy waves you might just want to check-out. Just keep scrolling and let yourself be overwhelmed by the fascinating virtual rollers.

Wishing you a cheerful PMSLweb moment!

What I do on Saturday humor – LOL pictures at

Brush your teeth I can’t breathe sign at

Feminism in a nutshell humor at

Funny Obama with Zach Galifianakis at

Funny homeless man dirty joke at

Funny gallantry truth meme – LOL pictures at

Court refuses trial by combat funny news at

Funny duck at the store with its kids at

Funny just Sim things at

Funny Hitchcock joke at

Man updates his PC to windows 10 funny fail at

Naughty barney dinosaur humor – LOL pictures at

She’s the one meme at

Funny Yahoo doughnut business name fail at

Funny meow yahoo question at

Funny waitress meme at

Building a pyramid for the cat meme at

Putin gets advice from his dog humor at

Funny batarang letter opener advertising – LOL pictures at

The symbol of save is still a floppy disk in the future humor at

Giving an hour of your life to keith Richards at

Sarcastic vasectomy tweet at

Funny anal bleach quote at

Funny friendship realities – LOL pictures at

I wonder if he’s thinking of me  funny hipster edit at

using the twice in a sentence prank at

Funny F word book title at

Dolphins can see the future humor at

Funny Ted Cruz and Donald Trump tweet at

Funny McDonalds evolution theory – LOL pictures at

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