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Wendy’s cold drinks – You can do it!

Wendy's cold drinks

Wendy’s cold drinks tutorial – On November 15th 1969, Dave Thomas (July 2nd, 1932 – January 8th, 2002) founded the food chain Wendy’s, which to this day is ranked third in the USA after Mc Donald’s and Burger King – as far as the Hamburger restaurant category is concerned – with a little less than 6.600 restaurants on Uncle Sam’s territory.

The fast food (with almost 80% of franchised restaurants) that has its headquarters set-up in Dublin, Ohio, evidently proposes burgers, chicken sandwiches, fries and beverages like its “rivals”; but today we’d actually like to focus on the latter product… as a few year back the restaurant chain released a cold drinks training tutorial video which went viral and informed us on more than we really needed – and let’s face it wanted – to know. The actual content put aside, let’s salute the pure 80′s spirit this video was mounted in, music/lyrics that will bring you back to your teens and a hair/makeup combo which will for sure make you go on a Madonna jewelry hunt…

This very new wave Wendy’s cold drinks tutorial video is supposed to cover any questions you could experience once behind the counter… enjoy!

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