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We love autocorrect – A fabulous tool by Apple

We all love autocorrect – Ever heard of the proverbial chalk and cheese idiom? Our iPhones more than often have a mind of their own – as we all know by now – and between what you actually intended to inform someone of in the first place by text and what the latter recipient will finally receive…
Ambiguous but ultimately hilarious in most cases, these great iPhone moments never cease to entertain us; so once we couldn’t resist.

Wishing you a smile-powered PMSLweb moment!

ontent/uploads/2012/01/lapdance1.jpg”>Lapdance - Love autocorrect at

Delivery problems

Coke for Dad

Welcome to Facebook

In the ER - Love autocorrect at

It smells like you

Clean up your mum

Shaved - Love autocorrect at

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