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Silly pictures – A collection of funnies to start the week

Silly pictures – Let’s kick-start this new week with a collection of funny pictures shall we? Putting the glorious weekend behind us and sharply being brought back into the harsh reality always takes you on the chin, but let’s face it, it’s not an end in itself either so….

Wishing you an elated PMSLweb moment!

Funny duck hunt gif – Silly pictures at

Funny friendzone quote at

Funny human hotfix patch at

Facebook relationship status single humor at

Funny tap dancers quote at

Are you John Connor toilet funny – Silly pictures at

Count von Count vs Edward humor at

Cute note funny autocorrect at

I want to eat till I’m a ton at

Whenever Putin walks away funny picture at

How to shut the f*ck up for dumbasses – Silly pictures at

My daughters will not be playing with this humor at

F*ck you T-shirt at

Jesus was a fan of Nine Inch nails meme at

Haiti prank demotivational at

Funny hipster Stalin meme at

Evacuated because of urine funny autocorrect at

Temperature in bed funny – Silly pictures at

Cat and the red dot humor cartoon at

Amputee support group humor at

Jesus doesn’t want you to masturbate humor at

Funny bone character picture at

Funny cell phone ringtones graph – Silly pictures at

No one cares bear at

No sunglasses at this point funny at

Football Hitler fail at

Don’t call my name Jalapeno at

What am I doing with my life funny youtube at

FBI looks closely at naked Scarlett shots at

Men are like boobs meme – Silly pictures at

Downloading laws meme at

Online gaming funny at

Robber who broke into hair salon humor at

How dumb people think at

Funny mountain lion habitat signs at

Real Mario Bros world map funny – Silly pictures at

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