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Silly Thursday picture dump – A carefree collection

Silly Thursday picture dump – While many of you are probably already daydreaming of the upcoming weekend, the truth is that – sadly enough – we’re not there just right yet, and before allowing ourselves to let our hair down, it would be wiser to keep our heads up for a few more hours. That being said, if currently surfing the Internet doesn’t get you into too much trouble, may we suggest taking a peek at our latest selection of lighthearted chuckles in order to kill time?

Wishing you a jovial PMSLweb moment!

Look at the yellow dot for 5 seconds prank - Silly Thursday picture dump

Funny Simpsons Karaoke tweet

When you lean too far back in your chair funny meme

Tinder surprise humor

How to pick up American chicks funny meme

Like if you thought this cat was an egg funny meme - Silly Thursday picture dump

Funny before versus after coffee sign

The last thing you stuck your finger in funny Family Feud meme

Video games don't make me want to kill people funny quote

Cat destroys tower funny gif

When someone asks to call you funny meme - Silly Thursday picture dump

Man spent 12 years in a coma funny comment

Swiss town denies passport to Dutch vegan

Woody takes the bus to his new job funny meme

Real earth has curves funny meme

Guys are like mosquitoes funny comment - Silly Thursday picture dump

Alpaca looks like a joint funny comment

Me leaving work sarcastic meme

This guy is an alien sarcastic humor

Wasting time until download completes funny cartoon

Funny response to Trump's tweet on Meryl Streep

WTF Anne Frank order at Domino's - Silly Thursday picture dump

Before Lennac invented the stethoscope sarcastic humor

Can someone please turn Stevie Wonder the right way funny tweet

Pull my hair funny gerbil sex meme

Funny Chernobyl Playmobil parody

When a black guy calls his white friend my nigga funny meme

No way will she have more food than me funny meme - Silly Thursday picture dump

How to make an ant look like a liar funny comment

Lego briefing about the human foot humor

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