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Sunday LMAO – Dominical madness coming up

Sunday LMAO – This time tomorrow, most of us will be struggling to make it through the first Monday of 2015, and chances are that today you probably are pushing procrastination to its max level. In all cases, a selection of funny pictures could be a pleasant addition to your lazy-plan… so please feel free to check-out what follows

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday and a chuckle-packed PMSLweb moment!

Eraser humor – Sunday LMAO at

Eventually we all add our husbands humor at

Overly attached girlfriend text message at

You’re not the center of the world ecard at

Your first 2015 selfie ecard at

Funny profile picture ecard – Sunday LMAO at

Funny Holmes meth lab at

Funny camera joke at

scary cloud formation at

Pedo bear toy humor at

USA is gonna free the sh*t out of you – Sunday LMAO at

Life of a battery humor at

How to get along at work list at

Everyone I meet sarcastic ecard at

My contribution to keeping the house clean at

Just kidding, I’m single humor at

Funny toilet paper debate at

Your boring personality ecard at

Control your kids ecard – Sunday LMAO at

Funny chim chimney youtube comment at

Funny pizza guy quote at

Movie subtitles funny graph at

Forever alone Chinese cookie at

extra chicken nugget meme at

I’m going to pretend that what you just said ecard at

Koala’s are perpetually smashed – Sunday LMAO at

Sex explained humor at

Friendzoned on Facebook at

Guitar hero humor at

The Queen doesn’t give a f*ck – Sunday LMAO at

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