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Sunday fun – Dominical smiles coming your way

Sunday fun – For anyone who is eager to punctuate his Sunday with a few smiles, please feel free to check-out our latest collection of funny pictures. The World Wide Web is a wild place, and you just never can be sure about what you’ll stumble upon next.. and what follows should prove us right.

Wishing you a ducky PMSLweb moment!

Super bullsh*t spices – Sunday fun at

Wanting a surfer boyfriend humor at

Attracting men with your eyes funny at

Marriage humor at

Dog not giving a single f*ck – Sunday fun at

Funny towel origami at

Playstation 4 new controller at

My childhood is a lie at

Guess which one is the female at

Shaquille O’Neal and his girlfriend humor at

Redneck basketball – Sunday fun at

Nikon camera humor at

Funny boiled eggs for lunch at

Public toilet joke at

Defecation tea at

Trimming the bush humor – Sunday fun at

Woman with 3 boobs at

Giant poop sculpture at

Woman covers her face in sperm to stay young at

I dress to depress at

Vintage selfish humor at

Funny bra meme – Sunday fun at

Will Percy Jackson ever die at

Portable masturbation hut at

It still works T-shirt at

Muscle man problems meme at

Itchy poop hole warning – Sunday fun at

OMG funny nose at

man’s sneeze blows wife’s hair off at

Crimea for men at

Photoshop fail at

Funny cologne for men – Sunday fun at

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