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Sunday Smiles – A collection of Funnies

Sunday Smiles – Sadly enough yet another weekend has hit its end – or will in a few hours depending on where you live, and the new week’s tough psychological preparation must now begin. Nonetheless, please keep in mind that we’re now entering the end of the year mode and that time seems to go by far more quickly as from now on so….

Wishing you a soothing and chillax PMSLweb moment!

condom national symbol of the government
now I can nazi
when a more attractive person has a crush on the same person comment
Clinton hears there were some openings
panda on plane
are you making plans for your wife’s death
starting our life together le’s spend all the money in one day
no one will pay you to just sit there and stare out the window
government shutdown funny
how to turn on a guy versus girl
shit happens ecard
relationship status hungry
vagina is the latin word for scabbard
Winnie the pooh 20 years later
anything else your royal anus ecard
definition of politics funny
meanwhile at Walmart the Christmas spirit kicks in
making of the world’s first camera meme
R2D2 is that you?
I booked you a flight ecard
if she offers you an apple say no
as pleasant as an itchy butthole
changing the toilet paper does not cause brain damage
old british gentleman in Paris
anatomy of a pizza
in our marriage everything is 50/50 funny
if your friends don’t make fun of you quote
those who stir the shitpot
I haven’t heard of you lately ecard
I wish I had as many siblings as you
a well planned retirement
worlds shortest joke
a pleasure to meet you I’m panda
no go away ecard
strangest laws

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