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Tacky Tuesday – Living up to its reputation

Tacky Tuesday – So Tuesday tends to be a synonym of bad taste? Well we sure would not want the second day of the week to fail its reputation would we! Keeping the latter in mind, we put together a collection of ludicrous pictures which we hope will contribute into keeping the saying alive….

Wishing you a chuckle powered PMSLweb moment!

Lord of the rings Durex gif – Tacky Tuesday at

Youtube not available in your country humor at

You put the you in f*ck you at

Then you start talking sarcastic quote at

Funny brussel sprouts advertising at

Can’t even take a piss wizard of Oz – Tacky Tuesday at

Supercalifragifuckit sarcasm at

I don’t know how to put this nicely at

A poem about bugs funny at

The dating game humor – Tacky Silly Tuesday at

I can’t walk the walk at

I don’t mind telling you how to go to hell at

I nominate my ex funny quote at

Einstein humor at

Caring continuum – Tacky Tuesday at

I made some horrible decisions today at

I really don’t care sarcastic quote at

I enjoy being alone funny quote at

Fitness level humor at

Funny smeagol meme – Tacky Silly Tuesday at

Funny rude gorilla at

Birthday win at

Driver carries no cash humor at

Funny leaf blower cartoon at

Funny Titanic Dicaprio gif at

Against homosexuals getting married joke – Tacky Silly Tuesday at

10 words you need to stop misspelling at

My story with Amanda humor at

Black history month fail at

Don’t touch me funny gif at

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