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Foolish Monday – Kickstarting a brand new week

Funny tax refund Nigerian scam

Foolish Monday – We hope that you are finally settling into 2016 without too much hassle, and that you haven’t had to fight the urge to strangle anyone so far… Just kidding (but, then again…)! As dictated by tradition, Monday is always the perfect occasion to spike up a tad the mood, so without further ado, the time has come ... Read More »

Foolish Monday – Fertilizing the evil weed


Foolish Monday – Because we figured out that most us were entitled to a few side-splits today, we put together a chuckle-packed collection of funnies in order to get off the week on the right foot. Please note that those of you who have a green thumb, will find here a very powerful evil weed fertilizer that they can abuse ... Read More »

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