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Foolish Monday – Fertilizing the evil weed

Foolish Monday – Because we figured out that most us were entitled to a few side-splits today, we put together a chuckle-packed collection of funnies in order to get off the week on the right foot. Please note that those of you who have a green thumb, will find here a very powerful evil weed fertilizer that they can abuse of.

Wishing you a bold PMSLweb moment!

Subway fail – Foolish Monday at

Noticing the muscles funny iPhone message at

Orange juice label fail at

Funny website name at

If world war 1 was a bar fight at

Only room I am willing to clean at

Farting crocodiles advert – Foolish Monday at

Pope kissing a boob humor at

Queen food funny advert at

Nagging hotline humor at

Leo Dicaprio didn’t survive the bucket challenge meme at

Funny Mary Poppins shut the f*ck up at

What your toilet paper says about you – Foolish Monday at

Funny Holy sh*t cartoon at

Contraception with sandals at

Chameleon playing with water at

Thomas Cook and his trip to Paris at

Straw fail funny – Foolish Monday at

Facebook funny Disney comment at

Funny spider quote at

Funny goofy anatomy at

Vending machine rage comic at

Funny get off stage gif at

Stupidity on Facebook at

Funny autocorrect – Foolish Monday at

How old bloggers really are humor at

You’ve got heil fake poster at

When I kill a spider funny ecard at

Cat on the moon at

Meh magazine at

Funny Sharpies warning – Foolish Monday at

Funny Easter Island girl at

Ways to ask for Money cartoon at

Cloud cat take-off at

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