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Hump day funnies – Your midweek delivery of smiles

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Hump day funnies – In a completely unrelated topic, did you know that studies have determined that Wednesday was the day of the week when bosses are the most willing to look into and consider any requests brought to their attention by their employees? So if ever you’ve had a specific plead going through your mind for a while now, ... Read More »

Ludicrous Hump day – Your online chuckle arena

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Ludicrous Hump Day – Time or us to congratulate you on making it to this week’s first official milestone. As the midweek settles in, taking a few minutes to fill up your chuckle-o-meter seems right and a wise thing to do. Indeed, while the next two days cannot in anyway be compared to those you have finally managed to put ... Read More »

Funny Hump day images – When Hermes takes you on a spin


Funny Hump day images – In ancient Greece, Hermes was known as the God of commerce, thievery, invention, language, travel and athletics…. but also of sleep. With the week starting on Sunday, Wednesday was the fourth day of the week, and Hermes being born the 4th day of the month, in Greek it was named after him (They would refer ... Read More »

Hump day nonsense – Your midweek gallery of chuckles


Hump day nonsense – Hump day often triggers mixed feelings; on one hand you tend to be relieved because you successfully managed to put the two most terrible days of the week (aka Monday and Tuesday) behind you; but on the other, you also are well aware that the weekend isn’t exactly on your doorstep either yet so…. Let’s try ... Read More »

Funny Hump day images – Casting the midweek craze spell


Funny Hump day images – Welcome to a new midweek edition of funnies, where all smiles are on the house evidently. We hope that your ascent up mount Hump has so far turned out to be as pleasant as possible, and that your journey back down will be smooth and scratch-free. A wild weekend awaits those who reach the finishing ... Read More »

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