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Funny posts on social media – Welcome to the world wide web

Funny posts on social media

Funny posts on social media – As we all know and are familiar with by now, the Internet has allowed people from all over the globe to finally connect, share values, express opinions, discover each other… and more or less, let’s face it, post about whatever crosses their mind at all hours of the day and night. As a result, ... Read More »

Social Networks funnies – Stargate Portals for the Stupid

what if your opponent has arms funny youtube comment

Social Networks funnies – While the introduction of Social Networks has clearly revolutionized our cyber space and given us numerous possibilities when it comes to hooking up with peeps situated anywhere around our good old blue planet; we can only but aknowledge the fact that their outbreak also led to a few – but undeniable- downsides. Maybe should we of ... Read More »

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