Funny posts on social media – Welcome to the world wide web

Funny posts on social media – As we all know and are familiar with by now, the Internet has allowed people from all over the globe to finally connect, share values, express opinions, discover each other… and more or less, let’s face it, post about whatever crosses their mind at all hours of the day and night. As a result, social media plateforms have become very lucrative businesses and for many, help them stay in touch with the rest of the world from the moment they get up until the time has come to hit bed (and beyond).

May you be familiar with the social media phenomenon or have just discovered the latter (umm, hello?), the following collection of funny posts sums up perfectly what one can expect once in total immersion.

Wishing you a fantastic weekend and a rib-tickling PMSLweb moment!

Funny posts on social media

Dad commenting on Facebook funny fail

Please explain this wrestling scene to me funny post

Skyrim town names inspired by sounds made when stepping on a lego funny post

Do Australians feel love funny post - Funny posts on social media

When people draw the crescent moon funny post

Not all Australian animals want to kill you funny comment

Can I get a link to the original picture funny comment

Unfriend your poor friends on Facebook funny tweet

My nigiri funny comment - Funny posts on social media

When she is your girlfriend vs when she becomes your wife funny comment

I am paralyzed from the neck down funny comment

Sir Roger Moore was an awesome guy funny post

Mom doesn't understand the memo funny text message

Your phone is now hacked funny text message - Funny posts on social media

People I don't even know break up with me funny text

Car thief drops baby off safely funny comment

Thanks for the metal bands schedule funny post

And you thought tide pods were a problem funny post

This brings back memories funny tweet - Funny posts on social media

Mate locks the wrong cat in his bedroom for 5 days funny post

Funny dad mocks daughter on social media

An adult problem nobody prepared you for funny comment

I want my first born to be a mail child funny comment

Treat her like you'd treat your mother funny tweet

Zebra does not allow you to wear these colors funny tweet

How science works funny tweet - Funny posts on social media

Funny April fools friendzone text message

Scars name before he got his scar funny post

Let's take time to appreciate when our noses aren't runny funny tweet

Remember that in french pain means bread funny post

Company is introducing period leave funny comment

Funny Washington Post answer to shithole country tweet

Funny expensive camera review - Funny posts on social media

It's school not shooting range funny comment

Parents used mugshot as Christmas card funny tweet

Funny expensive watch reviews - Funny posts on social media

I just gagged on my toothbrush funny tweet

I do not understand how electricity works funny tweet

It's never okay to cook a steak well done funny tweet

Dom or sub funny text message - Funny posts on social media

When you brag about walking funny comment

Stevie Wonder joins Twitter funny tweet

Mom help me get this tampon out funny text message fail

Using abbreviations with your mum funny text message

Please turn Stevie Wonder in the right direction funny tweet

Dad eats free at McDonalds on father's day funny comment

Funny comment to Royal Dutch Airlines post - Funny posts on social media

People with identity disorders funny comment

Rate my new haircut funny post

Waiting for the person who only got 2 pizzas funny post

The jigsaw puzzle is better this way funny post - Funny posts on social media

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