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Social Networks funnies – Stargate Portals for the Stupid

Social Networks funnies – While the introduction of Social Networks has clearly revolutionized our cyber space and given us numerous possibilities when it comes to hooking up with peeps situated anywhere around our good old blue planet; we can only but aknowledge the fact that their outbreak also led to a few – but undeniable- downsides. Maybe should we of taken sci/fi shows more seriously… For example in Star Trek the Klingon threat was never far, the Goa’ulds were omnipresent in Stargate and the Sith’s goal was to spread darkness through the galaxy in Star Wars… But whether you believe it or not, our world wide web also has its archenemy : The Stupid, and thanks to the implantation of plateforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google + but also websites like Youtube or Craigslist.. these lowbrow villains are now everywhere trying to spread their erroneous knowledge!

In case you doubt (and even if you don’t), please feel free to check-out the following…

Wishing you a highly academic PMSLweb moment!

Looking for someone to go back in time with me on craigslist
My child drank bleach, lets post on facebook
My girlfriend took me sleeping picture fail
Asian name facebook post fail
grammar nazi fail on facebook
Cremating your pet facebook fail
Mount Rushmore facebook post fail
Did you even go to school facebook fail
Photoshop picture fail on facebook
nobody likes my facebook status funny drama
Dinosaur fantasy craigslist fail
I need someone to sit on my lap craigslist fail
funny cement blocks on craigslist
Visit to Paris facebook photoshop fail
facebook boyfriend fail on birthday
Pregnancy test fail on facebook
fat girl wants hot guy on craigslist
Funny Lion king song comment on youtube
youtube funny taking a dump comment
Mc Gyver theme when building ikea furniture funny youtube comment
baseball cap funny youtube comment
hair looks like the plant behind funny youtube comment
I watch this video before fighting with my gf funny youtube comment
what if your opponent has arms funny youtube comment
just an english comment passing through funny youtube comment
youtube funny battleship comment
wrestler in orbit funny youtube comment
how lesbians do it funny internet photo comment
internet fail the smell of colon
facebook fail grandpa comma and coma
twitter fail umbeyonce
internet fail fanta stick and orange branch
facebook marilyn monroe text message quote fail
birthday on facebook funny cartoon
fake versus realistic facebook profile picture funny
funny facebook comment cold feet and slippers
youtube funny comment one last video of 100 hours
spaghetti mesuring tool funny comment
facebook outhale fail
facebook coledge comment fail
internet earth age fail
elevator comment fail
funny facebook cartoon going to bed
facebook couples status fail ecard
How the internet works funny cartoon

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