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Hilarious Monday – New week funnies

Funny family drama news – Hilarious Monday

Hilarious Monday – As a new week strikes us along with its machiavellian manager Brutus Monday, the last happy memories of the past weekend slowly start fading away. This calls for action, and ASAP; so we have put together a new collection of funny pictures which we hope will help you thwart any negative thoughts who could be trying to ... Read More »

Hilarious Monday – All aboard the crazy train

How it feels to write after a long time at

Hilarious Monday - For a significant part of internet users, only a handful of days separate you from the most overwhelming holidays of the year – not to mention the most expensive. Usually, as a result, work days tend to seem slightly less hectic than usual, and you will surprise yourselves to tolerate a fair amount of things that usually ... Read More »

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