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Tuesday fun – Sponsoring your Tuesday giggles


Tuesday fun – If you wish to include top quality guffaws to your schedule today, please allow us to walk you through our services: Devilish chortles, split-siding cackles and cheeky titters are among what we offer, and a free sample can be found bellow, so why not check them out now! Wishing you an amusing PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Badass Tuesday – When your mind suddenly derails


Badass Tuesday – The good news is that Monday now remains a thing of the past; in the less pleasant actuality though, you still have 4 days to survive before you can claim access to the treasured weekend. Today we’ve decided to lose it a tad, and allow our inner demons to go on a spin. Their destination is unknown, ... Read More »

Tuesday funny pics – Time to crack yourself up


Tuesday funny pics – While Tuesday is known to be the most productive day of the week, there’s absolutely no reason why a few chuckles should be left out of the schedule. Without any further explanation, here is our selection of daily funny pics and gifs; so please feel free to serve yourselves. Wishing you a lighthearted PMSLweb moment! Read More »

Tuesday ROFL – A handful of lighthearted chuckles


Tuesday ROFL – As we make our way through the most productive day of the week – Indeed, once our weekly Monday syndrome cured, we suddenly tend to remember that we actually do have a job to attend to – it seems important to grant ourselves a little quality time left and right. This is where we kick-in with yet ... Read More »

Tuesday fun – A jaw dislocating collection


Tuesday fun – After targeting your funny bone at various occasions, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, today your jaw is officially put on the line with this new collection of funnies. While you are cordially invited to check-out today’s goodies, please be informed that it will be at your own risk as we will not be responsible or ... Read More »

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