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Tuesday ROFL – A handful of lighthearted chuckles

Tuesday ROFL – As we make our way through the most productive day of the week – Indeed, once our weekly Monday syndrome cured, we suddenly tend to remember that we actually do have a job to attend to – it seems important to grant ourselves a little quality time left and right. This is where we kick-in with yet another collection of funnies, but we’re sure that you saw this coming didn’t you?

Wishing you a pleasant PMSLweb moment!

Spiders are scared too gif – Tuesday ROFL at

Who’s a pretty princess dog meme at

You the sperm who won humor at

Bleach or Naruto demotivational at

Lego chocolate meme at

Thai girl vs Thai boy – Tuesday ROFL at

Scubaru at

Homosexuals are gay funny comment at

Zach Galifianakis interviews Justin Bieber at

Drive my man crazy in the bedroom ecard at

What if there’s more to life than just eating stuff at

Three worst things in life – Tuesday ROFL  at

I found a guy who wants me for my brains cartoon at

Swiffer slippers at

Bubble wrap cartoon at

Jesus on a trampoline at

This mushroom is so raw – Tuesday ROFL at

Nasa wants to pay you to lie in bed at

Just because you’re different funny at

F*ck you Stephen King funny comment at

Ikea cat humor – Tuesday ROFL at

I just want people to love me cat meme at

New combat  training techniques at

Have you ever high fived someone so hard at

Gandhi DJ – Tuesday ROFL at

Human put new curtains in the living room at

Your villain name humor at

Smoking area funny – Tuesday ROFL at

Draw bridge funny at

Salvador Dali Google search win at

Oscarpistotis at

The moment I realize it’s too late to run at

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