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Tuesday fun – A jaw dislocating collection

Tuesday fun – After targeting your funny bone at various occasions, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, today your jaw is officially put on the line with this new collection of funnies. While you are cordially invited to check-out today’s goodies, please be informed that it will be at your own risk as we will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any damage caused.

Wishing you a smile-riddled PMSLweb moment!

Birth of a chick-gif at

Coffee keeping stupid people safe at

Pint door handles – Tuesday fun at

Choo Choo mother*ckers at

Holiday traffic made in China at

Angry birds and Nokia meme at

Throw my nokia they said – Tuesday fun at

Pretending to be idiots quote at

If I throw a stick will you leave at

Sexual positions for the lonely at

Funny science fact – Tuesday fun at

Your opinion about food shortage in the world funny at

School genius funny at

Spider humor at

Funny children’s book titles at

Bob Marley cigarettes funny at

Justin Bieber bashing funny -  Tuesday fun at

Thrilling quilts at

Do you like sugar in your cup of STFU at

Funny I miss you card at

A man dating three women funny at

Wine enthusiast drive – Tuesday fun at

Look at the entire photo slowly at

Three wise men funny at

Blind man funny miracle at

Funny pigeon meme at

Gaming with girlfriend humor at

Clearing your search bar – Tuesday fun at

The amount of f*cks I don’t give at

Travel photos check list funny at

I don’t always say bye meme at

Who are you, yu and mi funny at

Obi kenobi’s middle name – Tuesday fun at

You are a chicken funny tumblr comment at

What men look for in a woman funny at

Application for a piece of A** at

Barbie and Ken funny pants-off gif at

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