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TGIF craze – Releasing your inner nut

TGIF craze – Once more it’s our duty to set free and polish your nut, freshly released from its case, in order to celebrate worthily the arrival of yet another merry and fun-packed Friday. Your “ Thank God it’s Friday” collection of goodies awaits you bellow, so please feel free to give it a peep.

Wishing you a non compos mentis PMSLweb moment!

24 hours in a day, 24 beers in a case at

You have one new message – TGIF craze at

Funny fat belly at

Vitruvian rock man at

Funny cutest couple post – TGIF craze at

Funny bad timing at

Amsterdam is like the Tour de France at

Catho-licks lollipops at

Body sprays don’t work meme – TGIF craze at

One for the engineers at

Out of all the lies I’ve told humor at

Candy crush humor at

Who farted cartoon at

Dutch woman arrested after calling ex boyfriend at

Coming soon to a theatre near you: D*ckhead at

Welcome to life – TGIF craze at

Teletubbies humor at

Round, round get around funny at

Funny facebook friendzoned at

On and hoff switch at

Pope I quit meme – TGIF craze at

Nutella Disney humor at

Scumbag clippy at

Tumblr satellite image humor at

Funny rejection message at

Titanic not enough space meme at

How women see the world around them at

The missionary position at

National geographic behind the scenes – TGIF craze at

You remind me of my pink toe at

Funny science fair definition at

After sex expectation versus reality at

Funny Google search truth at

Do you even lift – TGIF craze at

Peace of sh*t T-shirt at

Palpatine in utero at

Internet explorer slower than snail at

No worries he’s wearing a helmet humor at

We were worshipped in Egypt cat meme at

Willy thief executed – TGIF craze at

Leia is a Disney princess at

Dubai police cars humor at

Can I be honest with you at

The PMSLweb files : The Ramos ball case

Back in 2012 during a game opposing Real Madrid to the Bayern of Munich, Sergio Ramos made internet history by kicking a legendary penalty. While he did actually end up missing the goal cage, one burning question remains on everyone’s lips… what happened to Ramos’s ball? Time for you to discover the truth….

Ramos ball on the moon at

Look son that’s Ramos’s ball – TGIF craze at

Ramos on the moon at

Houston we’ve found Ramos’s ball at

Ramos ball found in space at

Funny Ramos penalty – TGIF craze at

Ramos I see your ball coming down at

Ramos ball came back to earth at

Funny thank you Sergio Ramos at

Breaking news ramos Ball at

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