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TGIF funnies – A pre-weekend collection of funny pics

TGIF funnies – While keeping in mind that for many folks, friends and/or family who work on Fridays, Saturdays and even Sundays, today will turn out to be just a day like another and will not be related to any euphoria whatsoever; for others the satisfaction of making it through yet another week remains legit. We hope that the collection of funnies featured in today’s post will somehow act as a reward for the peeps of the latest category and as a mood booster for those of the first.

Wishing you an entertaining PMSLweb moment!

Deal with it funny gif – Tgif funnies at

This doesn’t concern you cat meme at

Girls on Facebook demotivational at

Funny supermarket baby needs sign at

Cat funny good place to sit – Tgif funnies  at

Funny doctor Facebook chat at

Justin Bieber pencil prank at

What meal will get me the most likes at

Girls on their period funny at

What helicopters do in action movies graph at

Chopsticks humor – Tgif funnies at

If my body is ever found dead ecard at

I think teachers are trained funny at

iPhone parent fail at

Funny spelling checker poem at

My I hate you face ecard at

Whenever my doorbell rings ecard at

Funny baby nailed it – Tgif funnies at

How I react when toast pops out quote at

We all have that one ex at

How nutella is made funny at

Check engine humor at

I want to be invited funny quote at

Anakin Heineken t-shirt at

Dark room humor – Tgif funnies at

Japanese wear English word clothes at

World debt meme at

Glue stick instead of chapstick at

United States postal services humor at

Curling irons warning tags ecard – Tgif funnies at

DNA test for women funny comment at

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